About Us

Rukeez is dedicated to contributing to social progress and change.

We provide benefits of eCommerce for Sri Lankan Micro, Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs), yet is not just another eCommerce platform.

We partner with the SMEs who join us in the journey to success by offering them a range of business advisory services and coaching.

Our Philanthropy

We are led by our desire to create opportunity for converging social, economic and environmental benefits where good businesses thrive and consumers receive value for money.

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Business Growth

We support our SME Partners to increase their business productivity by guiding them on how to better utilize labor, capital, and natural resources to produce high-quality goods and services

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Decent Work Environment

Business productivity very much depends on having workers who are educated, safe, healthy, dignified, and motivated by a sense of opportunity. We create a social impact by guiding and coaching our SME Partners to promote decent work environment for their employees

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Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Preserving the environment benefits not only society but companies too, because reducing pollution and waste can lead to a more productive use of resources and help produce goods that consumers value