Frequently Asked Questions

The Privacy Policy at Rukeez can help you with the following concerns:
• How we collect, use, and (under certain conditions) disclose your personal information
• The steps we have taken to secure your personal information
• The Privacy Policy explains your options regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information (Buyer Agreement)
In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, the following details are provided on the product page:
• Overview: The overview consists of Product Specifications, Delivery, and Service.
• Ratings: To find Ratings & Reviews by customers, navigate to the Rating section.
• Product Details: The Product Details consist of Product Highlights and Description
• Recommendations: To evaluate the different products of the same category, Recommendations are provided to help customers make informed decisions.

To know more about the seller’s performance, check the following:
• Seller Ratings: The customers rate the sellers on the basis of their satisfaction level
If you are having trouble placing or adding products in your cart, please make sure that you have made all relevant size and color selections. If you still have problems, this may mean that the item you are trying to buy is sold out. If you still need help, please get in touch with our customer service. You can reach our team via Contact Us
To add the quantity of an item,
To remove an item from the cart please follow the below steps
Shopping on Rukeez is easy! Before you can start shopping, make sure you have registered an account on Rukeez, once you have found the product you want to buy, just follow the steps below:
• Open App/Website.
• Put the item title on “Search Bar".
• Click on the image of your desired item & click on “Add to cart".
• Click on “View Cart"(Add quantity if required) & click on “Checkout Button".
• Enter your registered Email Id & Password.
• Enter your personal details like (Name/Contact Number/Shipping Address with City).
• Confirm the order details and select your “Mode of Payment".
• Click on “Place Order".
• Your Order number will appear on your screen.
Pre-payment is 100% safe and easy. However, Rukeez also offers you the possibility to pay through Cash on Delivery (COD). With COD, you can pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receipt of your order. Note: Some Items may not be available for COD Gift cards or vouchers cannot be used to make COD payments
Scenario 1: You may have entered incorrect payment details. Please update your card details or contact your bank for further assistance. Scenario 2: You may face “Transaction declined by risk scanning" while placing any prepaid order and this is to prevent fraud or fake transactions. Below are the reasons that cause fake/fraud transactions: Resolution: In order to resolve any of these issues and enhance your experience, please shift to some other payment method. If you still face the same issue or need better assistance. Please do contact us (link to the customer service portal)

Detected Risk Scenario

Detected Risk Description

One debit/credit card is being used on multiple accounts

This is to prevent online fake transactions

An order doesn’t match customer behavior (e.g., very large value order placed)

The history of the previous orders of an account has a big difference when compared to the order being placed

Too many frequently placed high amount orders.

Multiple high-value orders are being placed

Change in customer’s IP address (foreign IP address)

Account being operated from another IP address (foreign)

Use of Foreign Bank Card

Foreign Bank Credit/Debit card is being used.

There are no hidden charges when you make a purchase on Rukeez. The order amount is inclusive of all taxes and shipping fees. In case your order is delivered partially you will be required to pay only for the item that has been delivered to you. The order amount will be mentioned on the parcel and the invoice. Please note that we will never ask you to pay extra cash to the rider. Note: For International Payment via Credit / Debit card you may be charged a cross border fee by your issuing bank as our payment processor is based outside Sri Lanka. For information on the exact charges please contact your issuing bank.
Fraud detection and prevention are very important to us. We take all steps to ensure that transactions are genuine and that our customers’ details are completely secure.
when making an online payment at rukeez, kindly note and verify the following details:
• Contact details
• Account details
• Card number
• Expiry Date of the card
• CVV code of the card
NOTE: Make sure you enter the received One Time Password (OTP) before it expires
• Cash On Delivery (easy and simple at your doorstep)
• Credit/Debit Card
After you have submitted your request, and your item has been picked up or dropped off, it takes 5-14 business days for the return process to be completed.
Return Timelines
Once the return process has been completed, it takes an additional 5-7 business days for the refund to be reflected on your bank or card statement.
You can request for return if:
• Item is damaged, defective or expired
• Item is incorrect, counterfeit or not as advertised
• Item is of incorrect size or does not fit you
• Item, freebie or accessory is missing
You are advised to not receive such order. However, if you do receive any such package which is open, severely damaged or tampered, please get in touch with us immediately via Contact Us
Rukeez delivers all across Sri Lanka through its logistics partners.
The most common reasons for delivery delays are:
1) Seller Sourcing Issues: The seller could take longer than expected time to fulfill your order.
2) Courier service delay: Either DEX or one of our 3PL partners is taking longer than expected time to deliver your order.
3) Cross Border shipment delay: Due to Air Transportation or customs delays, your Cross Border order may take longer than usual to be delivered.
4) Customer not available: Our Delivery Hero has not been able to get in touch with the customer.
5) Wrong Address / Phone Number: While placing an order the customer has entered an incorrect address or phone number, leading to late delivery.
6) Extreme Weather: The weather conditions of the destined city may be rough, for example, heavy rainfall, smog, landslide, etc. which may result in a delivery hold-up.
7) Law and Order conditions: Due to religious procession, lockdowns, strike issues resulting in route blocking, you may receive your package after the promised time.
Unfortunately, the open box delivery at rukeez is not allowed. You need to receive the parcel and pay the rider. After unwrapping the package, if you face any issue then you may return it to rukeez.